12/13/21 Improved Summary Panels: Breaking Change

What is a summary panel?

2021/12/1 Improved Custom Actions: Breaking Change


2021/12/1 Release Notes

Minor updates and fixes:

2021/11/15 Release Notes

Release Note:

2021/11/8 Release Notes

Minor updates and fixes:

2021/10/18 Release Notes

New filters API data structure.
Minor updates and fixes:
Performance improvements on tables.
Fixed a re-render issue when opening workflow details.

2021/10/18 Kleeen Improved Filters: Breaking Change


2021/10/4 Release Notes

Minor updates and fixes:

2021/09/27 Release Notes

Kleeen has created a beautified readme file to help you navigate through the different sections.

2021/09/20 Release Notes

Granularity is now supported for widgets with time-based data on the x-axis. This allows grouping data by day, week, month, quarter, and year.